Clean home, clear conscience.

FairMaid is a new platform that supports and advocates the fair treatment of domestic workers in Hong Kong

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"Many thanks for all that you have helped us with... from your ongoing support to finally placing our amazing domestic worker in our family; and with that, our renewed happiness in Hong Kong"
- Moira T

Founder's Message

We love Helpers.

Inspired by the stories of hopeful Domestic Workers coming to Hong Kong in search of a better life for them and their families, only to find their dreams and limbs broken, after being charged robbery-like fees by agencies - FairMaid aims to make an impact on wages and treatment by keeping our fees minimal for Helpers to promote themselves online.

Using our site, a Domestic Worker may find a job with a Hong Kong employer quickly & easily.

We are not an agency, rather a low-cost promotional vehicle. Helpers & Employers can then use any agency they like for processing a contract- choosing only those that keep fees low & legal.

We hope you'll join us.